Dear Friends in Christ,

I am writing to you from the Shalom Chapel. This past Tuesday there was an opportunity to gather and pray for peace in the Middle East. Bells tolled to signal the beginning of worship.

Since then, much strife has continued, and the news media is dominated day and night by ongoing developments in Israel-Palestine and the surrounding region. The war in Ukraine has taken a backseat, no longer “breaking news”.

People are suffering worldwide, war is raging, climate change is a reality, division is a lifestyle, and challenging personal situations are afoot.

Turning off the news will calm a spirit for a while. But some aspects of life cannot be turned off and may therefore become all-consuming. Prayer and peace somehow seem passive and unattractive. Both live in stark contrast to conflict, war, and the human attraction to discord. Our Good News was born into the world arriving without fanfare or trumpeted announcement. Mary, Joesph, and Jesus began a new life together away from their homeland, enveloped by God’s spirit making a way. The light of Christ remains in the world, available to all willing to embrace it, by becoming practitioners of the Jesus Way.

Pray for Peace
Word and Action