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Join us in person on Sundays for worship at 8:00 a.m., 10:30 am, & 6:00 pm.

Sunday worship is also streamed live on our Facebook Page and our YouTube channel

Compline is a calming nighttime prayer experience with the soothing scent of incense and a gradual dimming of the lights. It takes place on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month at 8 pm. (Listen Live on Facebook).

Weekly Services

Our rich liturgical tradition includes the use of vestments, music, and candles. Please click here to see when bells and incense are used. While we fall on the “high church” end liturgically, neither the facilities nor the people are formal. One is more likely to see casual clothes at Sunday services than suits and ties. The depth of our spiritual experience cannot be measured by our casual appearance. We invite you to visit us anytime to share this experience.

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Sunday Morning

Holy Eucharist 8:00 am & 10:30 (choir)

Sunday Evening

Holy Eucharist – Shalom Chapel 6:00 pm

2nd and 4th Sunday Compline – 8:00 pm (September – May)

Adult Formation

9:30 am

Children’s Formation

9:15 am

Youth Formation

9:15 am | 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month

Youth Group

12:30 pm | 1st, 3rd and 5th Sundays of each month

Family Formation

9:15 am | 5th Sundays of each month


12:15 pm | Caregiver’s & Grief Support Group | 3rd Monday
7:30 pm | Project Mankind | Weekly
7:30 pm | Word in Words Book Group | 2nd Monday


6:15 pm | Contemplative Centering Prayer | Weekly
7:30 pm | A Small Group – A place to share what is going on in your life, followed by Compline | Weekly


10:30 am | Bible Study: Revised Common Lectionary  | Weekly
7:30 pm | Canterbury Choir rehearsal | Weekly | September to May


9 am | Brotherhood of St Bart’s | 1st and 3rd Fridays of each month

We are now composting!

Bring what you can on Sunday. Click here to find out what is and is not compostable.


Join us for breakfast at 9:00 am
1st, 3rd, and 5th Sundays!

Parish Weekend
September 8-10

Creation Care
Sunday, October 1

Ministry Fair in the Parish Hall
8:00 am Holy Eucharist in the Nave
10:30 am Parking Lot Holy Eucharist
6:00 pm Holy Eucharist in the Shalom Chapel
6:00 pm Holy Eucharist with Pet Blessing on the Labyrinth

Children’s Sabbath
Sunday, October 15

20th Anniversary of the Rosales Organ!
Friday, October 20
7:00 pm Concert in the Nave

All Souls Day
Thursday, November 2
7:00 pm Holy Eucharist

All Saints Day (observed)
Sunday, November 5

St. Bartholomew’s Church is a parish in the Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta.

We open our doors to all who seek God or a deeper knowledge of God. We are pleased you have chosen to visit us. We come here to celebrate what we believe about life and to be nourished and renewed for our daily living: in the work place, at school, with family and friends, and in times of solitude or loneliness. Worship is the center of our community’s life together, and the Eucharist is the center of our worship. We have programs for children, youth, young adults, adults and seniors, all of which provide a perfect place to ‘jump-in’. We are inclusive, welcoming and always pleased to see new faces.

Welcome to St. Bartholomew’s. We hope that as you look over the site you’ll begin to get a feel for who we are and what we’re about—which is summed up in our mission statement below.

To be a nurturing, inclusive community centered in Jesus Christ, called to grow in our faith through worship, ministry, education, and service.

What does this mean? It means we are a kind, faithful and welcoming community. We invite you to join us. Click here for the weekly schedule. If you have any questions please call the office and leave a voicemail at 404-634-3336 or email our parish administrator at

2021 Annual Meeting

Our Mission

To be a nurturing, inclusive community centered in Jesus Christ, called to grow in our faith through worship, ministry, education, and service.

Meet Our Leadership

Our clergy and staff come from different backgrounds and bring unique gifts to our Parish. Become acquainted with them as they share a bit about their journey.

Get In Touch

Our Parish Life is abundant with fellowship, laughter and genuine care of one another. We have plenty of groups and classes for adults, youth and children of all ages!

St. Bartholomew’s has a rich history in outreach and social justice.

Together we are a parish called to act. A parish called to pray, reflect, discuss, and grow. We are called to worship in joyful togetherness. Called to love our neighbors. Called to give to those in need.

The Outreach and Social Justice ministries at St. Bartholomew’s provide opportunities for each of us to love and act like Jesus by doing more for those in need, whether big or small, and to manifest our love beyond the walls of our church.

Our ministries serve our local neighbors through programs like Toco Hills Community Alliance. We also reach out to our brothers and sisters around the world through efforts like our Haiti ministry and our work for Episcopal Relief & Development.

Please join us in choosing to be a parish of action. A parish united in service. A parish walking with Jesus to help the poor, stand up for the oppressed, and speak for the voiceless.

Ways to Get Involved







Pledging 2023:
“Shining Our Light” is a theme taken from the fifth chapter of Matthew’s Gospel and speaks to us as individuals and as a community of faith.

Our faith calls us to be grateful for God’s gifts and to be good stewards, trusting in God’s continued provision. Celebrating our 65-year ministry has shown us the importance of continuing St. Bart’s legacy of seeing needs, developing ministries to serve those needs, and supporting those ministries.

Prayerfully consider what is meaningful for you to give for the 2023 church year. For many, that means giving 10 percent (the biblical tithe) of your income to God’s work. For others, tithing is a goal reached by increasing giving by two or three percent each year. We invite you to make a pledge that reflects God’s generosity in your life, and if possible increase your previous level of giving. Your pledge helps the Vestry establish the Annual Budget and is very much appreciated.