Dear Friends in Christ,

The Big Four Bridge is a pedestrian bridge that connects Louisville, KY with Jeffersonville, IN. Each year over 1 million people enjoy the gentle walk accompanied by a variety of people, a beautiful landscape, and the mighty Ohio River below and beyond. It is common to see local sketch artists and solo musicians along the way providing services to earn income. At night the bridge becomes a beacon of colored lights.

We have come to the end of Eastertide. Tomorrow is the Day of Pentecost! Wear red! Buried in The Book of Common Prayer is a rubric regarding a Vigil of Pentecost. In typical fashion there are prayers and scripture readings.

On the last day of the festival, the great day, while Jesus was standing there, he cried out, “Let anyone who is thirsty come to me, and let the one who believes in me drink. As the scripture has said, ‘Out of the believer’s heart shall flow rivers of living water.’” Now he said this about the Spirit, which believers in him were to receive; for as yet there was no Spirit, because Jesus was not yet glorified. John 7:37-39a

The familiar scene from Acts 2:1-21 will be read tomorrow, and we’ll welcome anew the gift of the Holy Spirit! A wind that carries us over troubled waters, an agent that activates gifts for the common good, and a member of the Trinity – the Holy Spirit lives!

You are invited to bring food and beverages to share and enjoy fellowship with others after tomorrow’s 10:30 am service. Gather inside the Parish Hall or outside on the grassy areas. Bring chairs and blankets. Parish Life will provide cake, coffee, lemonade and tea. The weather will be beautiful! Hope to see you!

The light of Christ moves with us from one season to the next.