Prayer is an ongoing response to God about our relationship with God, about ourselves and others.

St. Bartholomew’s is a community who prays. We pray together. We pray alone. We pray for one another through the Parish Cycle of Prayer, the ministry of the Prayer Chain, or through simply remembering those requesting prayer in the newsletters and weekly green sheet.

An important part of our worship tradition is the Daily Office. The Daily Office marks the day in prayer: Morning Prayer, Noonday Prayer, Evening Prayer, and Compline. The Daily Office can be said by communities in the context of a service, or by individuals. St. Bartholomew’s offers several services throughout the week in accordance with the Daily Office. Please see our regular service schedule.

Electronic Resources:
Daily office and daily devotions
Diocesan Cycle of Prayer


All prayers are kept confidential. There are several ways you can ask for prayer:

The Labyrinth is an ancient form of prayer that has experienced a renewed appreciation in recent years. Christians in the Middle Ages who were unable to make a pilgrimage to Jerusalem walked labyrinths in their towns as an alternative. Many walkers have had powerful experiences from their walk. The Labyrinth is open to walk anytime of day. For more information, please contact Linda Claire Snyder at