Pledging 2020:

Increase our faith!” the apostles said to the Lord in Luke 17:5.


Our faith calls us to be grateful for God’s gifts and to be good stewards, trusting in God’s continued provision.

Celebrating our 65-year ministry has shown us the importance of continuing St. Bart’s legacy of seeing needs, developing ministries to serve those needs, and supporting those ministries.

Prayerfully consider what is meaningful for you to give for the 2020 church year. For many, that means giving 10 percent (the biblical tithe) of your income to God’s work. For others, tithing is a goal reached by increasing giving by two or three percent each year.

We invite you to make a pledge that reflects God’s generosity in your life, and if possible increase your previous level of giving.

Your pledge helps the Vestry establish the Annual Budget and is very much appreciated.

GO to the GIVING FOR MEMBERS page for the ways you can give your pledge (or other donations).