Connecting and Sharing is what we do at St. Bartholomew’s, and our priority is building on what is meaningful to us as a faith community by inviting others to join us. You are an important force in making that happen, and we invite you to commit to making a financial pledge for 2019.

Prayerfully consider what is meaningful for you to give. For many, that means giving 10 percent (the biblical tithe) of their income to God’s work. For others, tithing is a goal reached by increasing their giving by two or three percent each year.

Your decision means St. Bartholomew’s has resources for Connecting and Sharing, at a time when both are needed more than ever.

Click here to pledge now through St. Bart’s Connects (you can also register for St. Bart’s Connects on this page).
Click here for a printable pledge card.

Your pledge is essential to the vestry’s work of setting a 2019 budget and supporting our mission: To be a nurturing, inclusive community centered in Jesus Christ, called to grow in our faith through worship, ministry, education, and service.

Click video to watch these parishioners explain why they give to St. Bart’s.



Read about how some of our parishioners are Connecting and Sharing
John Ford

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Tim Bacon & Bo Waddell and Kerry Lockerman

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Sarah Dupont and Olivia Brantley

Gavin MacDonald