St. Bartholomew’s encourages the spiritual growth and development of each individual child through worship, education, service, and fellowship.

Children are an important part of the St. Bartholomew’s community as learners and teachers. The Godly Play philosophy guides our time with children in Sunday_School and informs our approach to ministry with children and families throughout our communal life. Register your children here.

OUR CURRICULUM – GODLY PLAY® (Sundays, 9:30am to 10:15am; 10:15am -10: 45am)
Godly Play helps our children explore their faith through Bible stories, our liturgical practices, and engage in the creative process. Godly Play honors children’s innate sense of the presence of God. Our adult guides and prepared sacred space invite children to experience God though wonder and play. Children have the opportunity to make meaning in life as they learn religious language as followers of Christ.

Our multi-age classes meet Sundays, 9:30am to 10:15am; 10:15am – 10:45am Classes have expanded in time so the children have their own place to be during Small Group Conversations in the parish from 10:15a.m – 10:45 a.m. Classes are available for children 18 months to grade 6. Parents are invited to schedule time with staff during the week to tour our Godly Play rooms. On Sunday mornings these sacred spaces are set-aside for the children to do their work with God. Children 3-6 years of age are offered the expanded time to reflect and respond to the week’s lesson; Children in 1st through 6th grade can continue to reflect and respond, participate in the acolyte, or participate in Treble Choir on assigned Sundays.  For more information about Godly Play please visit

FAITH AT HOME – lectionary based readings and reflections – Click here for September 2 Readings
Our faith is not just something we check in with on Sundays, our faith is how we live lives of meaning and purpose everyday, if we will learn to notice and respond to how God is moving. But this awareness, like anything worthwhile, takes practice. Which is why a weekly discipleship practice of Reading, Reflecting, and Responding to scripture in the context of community is so important. The following devotions have been written with this practice in mind. Use them with friends or family to help you deepen your experience of faith experience from Monday-Saturday.

PRIMARY COMMUNITY (3 years through Kindergarten, Classroom near Church Office)
Primary children have a strong awareness of self, and they are unrestrained by logical thought. Children are exposed to the core stories of our faith, our patterns of worship, and rituals that bring us together in community. They learn how to care for their space and how to serve one another.

ELEMENTARY COMMUNITY (1st through 3rd grades, Wardens’ Hall Room 6)
In the Elementary Community, the children continue to explore the core stories of our faith and expand upon what they know. They continue caring for their space and each other as they build a greater sense of Christian community and make connections to their everyday lives.

ADVANCED ELEMENTARY COMMUNITY (4th through 6th grades, Wardens’ Hall Room 5)
These children’s interests lie in relating how different stories and information fit together. Learners in this community look for ways to connect the Bible stories they know and explore the lives of saints and other Christians.

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Children as Ministers
St. Bartholomew’s encourages children and youth to participate in worship ministries such as Acolytes, Choir and Lay Readers. Follow the links to learn more about each opportunity. Acolytes, Choir, Lectors

Children in Worship
St. Bartholomew’s welcomes children at all worship services. Children’s Chapel is offered twice a month during the 11:00am second Holy Eucharist on Sunday, a place created specifically for children. Click here to learn more about Children’s Chapel.

Children’s Ministry Team
There are multiple ways to become involved with Children’s Ministries at St. Bartholomew’s. All of these positions require completion of the Safeguarding God’s Children Course. Contact Christen Erskine, or Chip Reynolds, vestry person for children’s formation, for more information or to find your place on our team.

Additional Activities
Our families and children gather for additional events like Advent wreath making, the Christmas Pageant, Holy Week and Easter activities, Vacation Bible School in the summer, and the Annual Parish Weekend in the fall. Please see the Parish Life page for all our upcoming events and plan to join us anytime!