W e believe that all people seek meaning for their lives. This quest for meaning usually raises three questions for the one on the journey: Who am I? Why am I here? How then shall I live? These core questions return at different age stages of life and at times of crisis, loss and change. We seek to meet you at whatever stage or time in your life you find us.

We understand the role of Christian Education is not so much to provide answers to the questions raised by life, but to offer a supportive and informed setting for the questions to be lived and explored. The container for the journey is the Christian faith as received by the Episcopal (Anglican) tradition. The Bible and your own gift of reason are highly valued as sources of wisdom. The overall goal of our program is to help you become who you were created to be, and to be a faithful Christ Bearer in a world aching for hope, wholeness and peace.

For us, learning comes formally through classes, preaching and worship but also informally by participating in Christian community and ministry.

SUNDAY CLASSES:  Sunday, 9:15am to 10:15am September – May
Adults gather to further their spiritual growth by taking part in our Adult Education classes. You can read the brochure here.

Sunday, April 8:  Rector’s Forum
Our rector since March 1, The Rev. Dr. Angela Shepherd will mark the end of her first month at St. Bartholomew’s by sharing a bit of her life story and faith journey. Angela was born in Louisville, Kentucky where she entered the world as an agent for change, grew to appreciate the beauty of God’s creation, and developed a love for basketball. A Gospel based strategist, her twenty-one years of ordained ministry has been sustained by prayer, a theology of inclusion and social justice, and the importance of community. Hear firsthand why she was initially intrigued by St. Bart’s and is so happy to be our seventh rector.

Sunday, April 15: When Your Pen Pal Is on Death Row
St. Bartholomew’s parishioners Neva Corbin, Marcia King, and Marlyce Kling have been corresponding with prisoners on Death Row. In this class they will answer some of the questions they often hear: What do you say? What do you not say? What is the emotional fallout for you? What if your correspondent tries to manipulate you? Do you send money? What do you say or not say about religion? They will also offer advice on how to get started with your own correspondence ministry, including the rules of the Georgia Department of Corrections and Parole in Jackson.

Sunday, April 22:  International Earth Day: Focus on Georgia Owls
St. Bart’s member and Atlanta Audubon Master Birder, Mary Kimberly will take us into the lives of  Georgia’s owls and share how we can protect them

Sundays April 29, May 6, 13: Uppity Women of the Bible (Part Two)  Song of Songs

In this second installment of our exploration of women in scripture, we’ll consider some of the surprising elements of Song of Songs. We’ll also look at the reasons for including this book in the Bible, who the lovers might be, the difficulties of interpreting this book, and the disadvantages of reading this book in a language other than Hebrew. For those interested in sharing our exploration, it would be best to read Song of Songs before the class. Presenter: Nedra Roberts

WEDNESDAY NIGHTS | 6:30 p.m. – 7:45 p.m. | Parish Hall Meeting Room

April 4 and 11: Discovering Dietrich Bonhoeffer

The 2 part series looks at the life and work of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a German theologian who met martyrdom at the hands of Nazis.  In the first week, we follow his life from a birth in privilege, through his rise as a theologian, then his struggle to free the church of Nazi domination, and finally into his participation in the plot to overthrow the Nazi government.  The next week we will dive into some of his works, including “Life Together,”  “The Cost of Discipleship,” “Ethics,” and the remarkable “Letters and Papers from Prison.”   The central question will be: “How can churches and individuals of faith respond to evil in places of great power?” Presenter : Dr Dan BeckDan is a member, organist, chorister, and teacher. He has a doctorate in divinity.

May 9 & 16: An American Conscience: The Reinhold Niebuhr Story

Although he may be best remembered today as the author of the famed “Serenity Prayer,” Reinhold Niebuhr—an outspoken American-born pastor, writer, and political activist—remains one of the most influential public theologians of our time.
Niebuhr’s career spanned some of the most tumultuous decades in American history, from World War I through Vietnam, from the Great Depression through the Civil Rights Movement. An early pacifist and socialist, he was closely monitored by J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI throughout his life, but would later serve as a consultant to the State Department during the Cold War.
Niebhur’s unique insights into human nature and its relationship to political movements and social justice propelled him to speak openly, and often critically, to an America consumed by moral certainty. For Niebuhr the priority was always justice, his guiding principle was hope in a redeemer God, and his weapon was an extraordinary gift for clarity of thought that made him a leading voice of conscience for his time.
In this class we will view the 2017 documentary film “An American Conscience” and its meaning for us in 21st Century America
Presenter: Tom Penna, St Bart’s youth director.  His theological training has included a special interest in ethics and a fondness for Niebhur.

April 18, 25, May 2: Stations of the Resurrection:  A Pop-Up Art Studio for all Ages using Bible Art Journaling   

        The church has a long, robust tradition of marking the stations of the cross and Christ’s experience of suffering and death, through both pilgrimage and artistic expression. And yet, how much more mysterious and peculiar is the event of resurrection? We have the Great 50 Days of Easter to make a go of it. In this series, we will take up the less observed tradition of marking the stations of the resurrection.  With all the colors of light, we will explore the resurrection stories in the gospels with mixed media to deepen our experience of the Easter season’s Paschal light. Bible Art Journaling is a mindful process of engaging with art materials to find answers make discoveries, and gain insights. The only experience necessary for this class is the living of your own life.
Sponsored by the Guild of Ten Talents, this workshop series is offered free of charge and with all materials provided. All ages are invited (artists under age 12 need to be accompanied by an adult). *Reservations are requested by signing up via this Google Form (https://goo.gl/Y2hdgf) or calling the church office at 404-634-3336.
Presenter: The Rev. Ruth Pattison: Ruth is director of the Community Pop-up Studio for Practicing the Pastoral Arts at Highpoint Episcopal Community Church, Sandy Springs

Upcoming Amerson House Spirituality Center Spring Mini-Retreat
Facilitated by Kimberly Broerman
Sunday, April 29, 12:30-4:00
Cost $40.00 ($30.00 for St. Bart’s members) includes lunch and materials
To Register: email Lisa at amersonhouseevents@gmail.com

Sunday, 1:30 to 3:30pm, Amerson House, Facilitated by Howison Hollenberg

Weekday Offerings

To learn more about our
Weekday or Sunday Adult programs
contact The Rev. Beverley Elliott

Monday Night

WnW—Word in Words Book Group
2nd Monday each month, 7:30pm, Brooks Room
All readers are welcome to this group which chooses books that are fiction and available in paperback. We welcome you to join us on a regular basis, or whenever you see a title that interests you! Look for upcoming books listed in the Weekly Green Sheet. For more information, please contact Molly Mitchell, ggmm1951@gmail.com

Women’s Spirituality Book Group
3rd Mondays of the month, 7:00 to 8:30pm, September to May, Brooks Room
Our books are chosen by consensus of the group. For more information, contact Marian Gordin, mkgordin@comcast.net.

Tuesday Night

Contemplative Centering Prayer
Tuesdays, 6:15pm to 7:15pm, Amerson House, Facilitated by Rev. Beverley Elliott
Centering Prayer is a method of silent prayer where the purpose is to rest in God and receive God as God is.  Basic instruction with discussion will be given each session, followed by 20 minutes of silent prayer. Time will be made to explore prayer and the contemplative life in general. For more information, please contact Rev. Beverly Elliott at bev@stbartsatlanta.org or 404-634 3336.

Education For Minsitry (EfM):
Tuesdays, 6:30pm, Brooks Room, Facilitated by Marcia King
EfM is a four-year seminar in Christianity for adults covering the entire sweep of the Christian tradition from the earliest period to the present. Participants, who commit for one year at a time, meet every week over the academic year. EfM teaches the seminarian how to think theologically, deepen understanding of scripture and of church history, challenge assumptions, and expand the universe of faith. For more information, please contact Marcia King at marciaking721@gmail.com or visit www.efm.sewanee.edu.

Wednesday Night
6:30pm to 7:30pm, Taylor Room
Join us mid-week for study and conversation on a particular topic pertaining to the church.