While the spiritual journey is deeply personal, we need not go it alone. A spiritual director has the sacred privilege of listening to your life with you to help you discern where God is and how you can open more fully to God’s love and grace.

Amerson House offers Spiritual Direction for both parishioners and members of the community. Spiritual Directors meet with individual clients, generally on a monthly basis, for an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes per session.



Beginning September 13  for 6 weeks

St. Bartholomew’s is offering to All a wonderful opportunity to renew, or learn for the first time, the contemplative practice of Centering Prayer. This 6-week series is based on DVD presentations by Fr. Thomas Keating. Centering Prayer is a form of meditation taught initially by Christian monks going back to the 4th Century. St Bartholomew’s has been teaching and supporting people in this prayer practice of 20-minutes of daily silent prayer for over 15 years. The fruits of the daily prayer practice are many, including noticing God’s presence more readily in your day; of a sense of peace and centeredness; of deep healing of old inner wounds. If you have always wondered what Christian meditation might look like, or if you can do it when “your mind seems to have a mind of its own”, please join the group to see if this is a path on which God has been waiting patiently to meet you. Email Beverley@stbartsatlanta.org for more details

Leader, Alexander Escobar, Ph.D
October 14 & 15
Cost: $65; $50 for St. Bart’s members with partial scholarships available.

In this retreat neurobiology will serve as a framework to expand our understanding of self. By becoming aware of normally “unnoticed” parts of ourselves (our bodies, our perceptions) we gain a more complete understanding of ourselves and our relationship to each other, our spiritual nature. This is part of God’s mystery – a realm to which we all have access but rarely explore. By traversing this landscape, we are transformed and become larger and more complete within God. The retreat will have a contemplative rhythm that includes sessions on chant and meditation with guest presenters.

Dr. Alex Escobar is a faculty member of the Biology Department at Emory University. He has a strong interest in the intersection of science and religion and studies the process by which we generate internal subjective experiences through neurobiology. He has written several articles on his studies and integrated many of his ideas into his book “Mythology for the New World”..

Spiritual Direction

Kimberly Broerman

Kimberly Broerman is the creator of Deep Waters Center for Prayer and Exploration, and is a practicing Spiritual Director at Amerson House. With a passion for creating sacred space for individuals to share their souls and deepen their spiritual lives, Kimberly offers one-on-one direction, small groups, retreats, and workshops in various formats and settings. For more information please contact her at kgbroerman@yahoo.com or 404-275-3328.